The KitchenFemme is based in Staten Island, NY so I won’t be traipsing into many of your kitchens anytime soon – but that doesn’t mean I can’t help! Right now my services are in beta mode; I’ve got some ideas of what I know how to do and enjoy doing, but I need your feedback to help KitchenFemme reach its full potential.

Currently KitchenFemme offers:

  • Menu development. Are you looking for meals your family will love for the next week or month? I’ll work up a menu of easy, delicious, and nutritious meals to simplify shopping and prep.
  • Recipe adaptation – do you have a family classic you’d like to make without gluten/dairy/some other staple? Let’s see what I can do!
  • The “House Meal”

  • Special occasion meal ideas. Not sure what to cook your sweetie for Valentine’s Day or how to spruce up the family Thanksgiving menu? We’ll update the traditions or turn things on their heads.
  • Food prep for local individuals and families. Are you in the Staten Island are? Invite me over and we’ll set you up with nutritious prepared meals with fresh ingredients. Even when you don’t have time to cook, you’ll have a healthy meal on hand.
  • Cooking with kids! I’ve been working with kids for about 15 years now and would love to cook with your young ones. If you’re local, I’m happy to teach basic kitchen skills, bake a treat, or work with your kids so that you both feel they can confidently feed themselves. Learning to cook is also a great way to encourage kids to try new foods and can help them build confidence.

Contact me through the linked form to discuss your foodie needs and service pricing.