The KitchenFemme in cocktail mode (c. 2012).

Who or what is a #KitchenFemme?

At KitchenFemme, we’re expanding the conversation about food. From my personal world of cooking with dietary restrictions to food justice and industry insights, we’re thinking broadly.

KitchenFemmes are creative. We improvise but we know the traditions. We like big flavors and delicate presentations. We admire the chefs who are making a splash and the home cooks trying to feed their families.

And this KitchenFemme – well, my cabinets are overflowing with alternative flours and mixing bowls. There are stacks of cookbooks and piles of aprons. There are probably a few too many cats; they don’t cook but they’re pretty cute.

I’m not an expert but I love everything about food – delicious meals, food writing, food TV, and a good kitchen experiment. Let’s have fun.