Meet the KitchenFemme

My name is Allison Bird and I’m the KitchenFemme. I’m also a freelance writer and poet living in Staten Island with my awesome wife, the ShelterButch, and our four cats. Given the option though, I’d spend all my time cooking and writing about food – and that’s how I wound up here.

Maybe I should have known I was a KitchenFemme in the making when I stood on a stool in my grandmother’s kitchen, elbow deep in cooling tomatoes, peeling them for sauce.cropped-12644682_10205439049560444_5970992346284378693_n.jpg

Or when I felt deeply put out if my mother did even a portion of the holiday cookie baking without me.

Maybe I should have known when my passion for the Food Network led my parents to take 9-year old Bird to Emeril’s restaurant in New Orleans on vacation. A tiny, sundress-clad kid in a reclaimed warehouse space filled with businessmen and I couldn’t think of anything better.

The thing is, I was a bookish girl with serious academic chops. My family had mixed feelings about cooking and I had restaurant anxiety. I put my head down, focused on school, and ignored food as anything more than fuel. This got me to graduate school – at which point I discov14671192_10207336128266226_9161817080631840028_nered I was gluten and dairy intolerant. I had a tiny kitchen, too much reading to do, and suddenly the only thing I wanted to do was cook. I was becoming the KitchenFemme.

A few years later, I have a graduate degree in a less-than-useful field, an incredible wife, a collection of favorite recipes, and stock boiling away on the stove from this week’s dinner scraps. I should probably go check on that.

Stick around for my takes on classic recipes, home kitchen tips, reviews, and general foodie musings. Around here there’s no gluten, no dairy, but plenty of flavor.