Why Chia Pudding Is The Summer Breakfast You Need

I love breakfast – I always have. Even as a kid, I typically had no trouble getting up in the morning and having some cereal, oatmeal, eggs, or a bagel. They weren’t always the most nutritionally sound meals, but I was fueled for the day.

Of course, many people are less inclined to squeeze in a morning meal. Maybe you’ve never cared for breakfast or you just aren’t a morning person and the idea of doing anything before your second cup of coffee is a nightmare. If you’re not much for making that first meal, chia pudding might be just what you need.

yogurt-1235353_1920Chia pudding has been a big deal for the last few years, but even as I saw dozens of sites post recipes I was skeptical. From Buzzfeed to Lifehack and Shape, everyone had recommendations. Then again, most of these sites like to tell me about everything I can do with avocados and I hate avocados.

Eventually, in an attempt to get out of a breakfast rut I gave chia pudding a try and I’ll be honest – chia pudding is a breakfast staple. Easy to make in advance, a tub of plain pudding can support a variety of toppings or you can opt for a more complex recipe. Either way, it’s ready and waiting in the morning with no fuss needed. And if you’ve got kids, they’re sure to love these playful puddings.

To whip up a batch, maintain a basic ratio of 3 tablespoons of chia seeds per cup of liquid – I typically use coconut milk, but you can use any kind you like. From there, sweeten with agave or maple and add fruit, nuts, cocoa powder, jam, or pumpkin puree. The options are endless. You could eat a different chia pudding every week for a year and not run out of options.

It’s Sunday night – do you know what’s for breakfast tomorrow morning? It might just be time to make some chia pudding. It needs to sit overnight so that the seeds expand and thicken the mixture, anyway. And since these magical seeds have become so popular, you should have no problem tracking some down at your local grocery store.


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  1. I’m the same, I keep seeing chia pudding everywhere but I haven’t been sure if I would like it. Seems like it might be worth a try though, thanks 🙂


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