Gluten-Free Pizza And The Hunt For A Great Crust


I’ve eaten a gluten-free diet since 2013 and in that time I’ve tried just about every pizza crust mix on the market. But as a New Yorker, I won’t accept just an OK pizza crust. And I definitely won’t go in for the abomination that is cauliflower pizza crust. Adding cheese and seasoning to a vegetable does not make it an acceptable base for pizza (and don’t get me started on this attempt at calling sliced eggplant a crust).

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the real contenders.






© 2015 Imaginary Friend. Licensed under CC-BY.

The Chebe brand offers a variety of gluten-free product mixes and some of them are really good. The Chebe pizza crust, though, is just acceptable. One of the main issues with it is that it doesn’t come with yeast. Without yeast, you’re going to have a subpar crust.

Similar to Chebe, Pamela’s makes a lot of great gluten-free products – I love their cookies, for example – but their pizza crust somehow falls short even with yeast. Also, if you check their website, Pamela’s offers a few options for making pizza and one of them involves using their basic baking and pancake mix. That recipe doesn’t call for yeast, so don’t even bother. Their individual packs of pizza mix do come with yeast, but if you’re going to buy the mix in a larger package, you’ll have to supply your own. There are better options.

As far as I’m concerned – and I think I’ve got a pretty solid reference point after two decades of NYC pizza – Bob’s Red Mill makes the best gluten-free pizza crust. It comes with yeast, isn’t too thick, and the dough really bubbles in the oven. It’s the only kind I buy. Plus, it comes in a big enough pack that I can make two pizzas for my little household of two. If your family is bigger, you can make a bigger pizza with a single pack.

I’ve never made the Cup4Cup pizza mix so I can’t advise on that one, but we aware: it has milk powder in it. If you need to make your pizza (or anything else) dairy free, stay away from Cup4Cup products. Let’s just say I learned that lesson the hard way.

Recently, Trader Joe’s started making a frozen pizza crust. I don’t typically buy pre-made crusts; isn’t pizza easy enough? These don’t cut it as a pizza crust – they tend to crack and the texture isn’t right – but they make a decent flatbread if you’re in a pinch. Just add some toppings and you’ve got a quick snack or appetizer.

Stop buying terrible pizza crust and just go in for the Bob’s Red Mill. It’s the only thing that really tastes like normal pizza crust. In fact, it’s so good you won’t feel like you’re missing out at all.


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