What’s Your House Meal?


In January, Bon Appetit published a great article about why everyone needs a “house meal.” The idea is that you don’t need to cook something amazing or involved every night; you just need to have a basic recipe that will feed you family, be healthy enough, and prevent you from needing to order takeout. Simple enough.

For the author, like many people, the childhood house meal was rice and beans. Growing up in my home it was, at different times, penne in vodka sauce with ground beef or another penne dish featuring chicken sauce, spinach or broccoli, and a balsamic sauce. Now, I’d say our house meal is a veggie scramble – just add kale, onions, garlic, and whatever else you have (tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese). Tons of nutrition delivered in a delicious, simple way.

Does your family have a house meal? If you’re not sure, the key question is not so much what you eat a lot of as what you always have around. Your house meal is something you can create on the fly, that doesn’t require a trip to the store. We always have vegetables and eggs. We always have some kind of meat too – but it may not be defrosted. That’s the defining factor.

If you don’t have a house meal or you’d like to develop a healthier one, see my Services section. In addition to menu development, I also offer core meal creation assistance.

So, what’s for dinner?



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